Monday, April 25, 2011

New Marlins Park

New Marlins park to open 2012

The Dodgers are in Miami for the next three days to play against the Florida Marlins.

As you know, the Marlins play at that ugly stadium named Sun Life Stadium. I went with my dad to Miami in the late 90's and was disappointed with this stadium. It's a football stadium and no baseball team deserves to play in that venue. I also remember how far the park is from Little Havana.

And then another problem is that if it rains, fans won't come out because they are not sure if the game will be canceled. It's a major problem. Luckily, the Marlins will play in a new park next year. The new park will be 2 miles away from Downtown Miami. It's being constructed on approximately 17 acres of the historic 42-acre Orange Bowl site in the Little Havana section of Miami. The ballpark will have a retractable roof, a natural grass playing field and 37,000 seats

Also, the Florida Marlins will be renamed to Miami Marlins starting next year.

Check out these videos when the Marlins made a special visit to the construction site last February and held batting practice.

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