Saturday, April 2, 2011

Have you seen these two (idiots) Dodger fans?

I have many things to post but this has been a busy weekend for me. I'll just post the most important news.

Have you seen these two cowards? If so, contact LAPD right away.

From ABC - {linked here}

The search continues for two men who brutally beat a Giants fan after Thursday night's opener at Dodger Stadium.

Police said there were thousands of fans in the parking lot of Dodger Stadium after the game. They hope that one witness could recognize the men in the composite sketches.

The sketches are of the men believed to be responsible for the brutal attack on a Giants fan. Police said the men were wearing Dodgers clothing when they attacked 41-year-old Brian Stowe of Santa Cruz. Stowe is a paramedic and father of two children, and remains in an induced coma.

Both attackers kicked the victim in the upper torso and the head, and then fled in a four-door sedan driven by a woman with a male child passenger.

Sad. Very sad. If you recognize these men in the sketches, call Los Angeles Police at 877-LAPD-24-7. I understand the rivalry between the Dodgers and Giants is intense. But to beat up someone just because they don't root for your team is idiotic.

I also understand that this can happen at any baseball stadium. It's just very unfortunate that it happened at Dodger Stadium. How would you feel if you or a loved one went to San Francisco to watch the Dodgers and you get beat up just because you are wearing Dodger gear? It's stupid.

I've seen the Dodgers on the road at several cities and I can say this honestly, I never felt I was in danger of getting attacked. I went to Boston last year and it was great. I thought the fans were awesome. I went to a Yankees/Phillies game in N.Y. and took my Dodger hat and nobody bothered me. I have been to San Francisco and I thought the fans were too friendly. Maybe I'm just lucky. The point is that it doesn't matter what team you root for, you should respect each other.

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