Friday, April 1, 2011

Fight - Fans on Opening Day

Thanks to Mike for this video -

Fight. Something to do how their team is better. Dumb, right?

You will not see any security. As a matter of fact, you will see the fan that went down get up at the end of the video and walk away. So I'm assuming no one was arrested?


Nacho said...

Roberto, love your blog and the Dodgers however I disagree with you posting these fight videos. I wake up this morning and along with reading about the great Dodgers victory I read about a Giants fan that was beat up in the parking lot and now is in critical condition. This sucks and although I hate the Giants as much as any Dodger fan (i dont know if guy in video was a Giants fan)I dont want to beat them up! We Dodger fans are quickly getting and may have already gotten a Raiders Fan reputation. I remember when i was a kid my dad used to take my sister and I to the pavillion and I have great memories of some great games there. Now I have two kids a son (10 yrs old) and a daughter (8 yrs old), I dont feel comfortable going to Dodger Stadium anymore. It sucks that my home ballpark has lost that family atmosphere and become such a mess. I know Frank McCourt has many other problems he needs to deal with but if he doesnt deal with the increasing violence and negative atmosphere at Dodger Stadium I will not visit and continue to watch the games on T.V. Thanks for letting me have my say. Nacho

Roberto Baly said...

Good points. But me posting this does not me I agree with it. Like I said, it's dumb. I think fans need to act more responsible. It's childish to fight over a team. But I understand your points. Thanks Nacho.

Anonymous said...

is it a hate crime since all giants fans are gay?

NSBZero said...

And this was only Opening Day, when most fans w/o ticket plans had to jump through hoops to get single game tix. Hopefully they ramp up security tonight.

Thanks for the post, Roberto. The absence of security (on Opening day?!!) speaks volumes.

wdevil said...

I was sitting one aisle over in Loge 151 and saw this up close. Security arrived, but a little too late.

The guy that got beat on was screaming at Roger the Peanut Guy for peanuts when Roger was about 3 or 4 aisles past him. He screamed" Hey! Peanuts! Here! Now!" - very drunk and rude. I think he was sitting alone, and like I said, drunk.

A few guys 5 or 6 rows above him must have said something to him...maybe to shut up...because when I looked over, he was in the face of the guys, and the rest is captured on the video.

Too many a-holes are drawn to opening day, and that is too bad.

Super Fan said...

Did you see the girl like slap this big tough thug threw. No wonder these kiss ass punks have to fight in packs. I'd be embarrased to have my punch on the internet if I was that guy. They should have kicked his ass out for being a pussy!