Saturday, April 23, 2011

Fan Pix: Nelson & Maury Wills

Who went to Frank & Son Collectible Show today? {linked here}

I did. Good times. Met many readers. Thanks for all the kind words. I'll post my recap later. But check this out....

E-mail from Nelson:

Hi Roberto,

Love your site. Only site I go to get Dodgers news. Wanted to share my experience today at Frank and Sons. I went out this morning and took advantage of the free signings hosted by Hall of Fame Sports. There were a lot of Dodger fans there. Maury Wills and Rudy Law were in good spirits. Wills gave all the kids high fives and signed inscriptions even when security made several announcements asking fans not to ask for inscriptions or photos. Wills signed my ball and a 16x20 photo. Law signed an 8x10 for me. Overall great experience!


Great items! Thanks Nelson! :)

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