Wednesday, April 20, 2011

The Dodgers are boycotting Deuce

You know what's the most common question I get since Opening Day?

How come the Dodgers aren't showing Deuce up in the Diamond Vision.

I did know they weren't going to show Deuce in the Diamond Vision since late March. I wrote the following on March 30 - {linked here}

I have another note but I won't post it because I can't believe it. Let me see this in person when I visit Dodger Stadium and I will let you know.

It was about Deuce. Someone inside the organization told me to pay attention to the big screen and I will notice Deuce will not be shown. No reason was given.

I get asked if Deuce still comes to the park. Yes he does. I shot this picture yesterday.

Deuce and Jerry Sands.

Deuce & Jerry Sands

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