Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Ned Colletti's Chicken Schnitzel

Last Saturday we had dinner at Don & Charlie's in Scottsdale. The restaurant is filled with an amazing sports memorabilia. {Don & Charlies Site}

Video -

Pictures -



It was a mini Sports Hall of Fame. I did notice a lot of Chicago items but they also had plenty of stuff from teams that play in the Cactus League. Especially the Giants since they play at Scottsdale.

The food was good.

A dish titled "Ned Colletti's Chicken Schnitzel" was on the menu. I was too scared to try it. I didn't want to get old and start naming Luis Gonzalez and Garrett Anderson as my favorite players.

But my buddy did try it. Here's a shot -


Ned Colletti's Chicken Schnitzel - Lemon butter sauce. He did enjoy it but didn't finish it. Maybe he started feeling old.

I went the safe route and ate BBQ Chicken.

I'll post more pictures. I have pictures to upload from Sunday.


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