Monday, March 14, 2011

Incredible Dodgers Collection @ Dodger Stadium on display!

Remember when I went to a press conference for the Kirk Gibson auction last October? {linked here} It was at the Sports Museum in Los Angeles. {linked here}

It looks like Gary Cypres (the owner of Sports Museum) will loan his extensive Dodger collection to the Dodgers.

I'm glad the Dodgers are doing this and sharing these great items so the fans can view it. It's a mini museum! 

E-mail from Charles (He sent this yesterday)

Hello Roberto,

Fans at today's 2011 Dodgertown Classic at Dodger Stadium received a special treat upon walking through the halls of the 3rd base side of the club level where they found tons of Dodgers memorabilia on display.  These objects and artifacts span approximately 8 decades of Dodgers history from 1883 to around the 1950's and cover both walls of the club level hallway from one end to the other.  These items range from bats, gloves, baseball cards, uniforms, game tickets, board games, photos, posters, jerseys, pennants, stadium seats and a bleacher bench from Ebbets Field.  I was told that all of these items were donated to the Dodgers by a private collector and that this 3rd base side exhibit was completed last week. Staff will now begin working on the hallway of 1st base side of the club level where the Dodgers History Exhibit will continue. There are tons of details to this exhibit and I imagine that it would be part of a separate tour, as it would take hours to get through all of the details from these special memories.  Here are some of the pictures I took with my phone as I was not prepared with my camera.



Thank you Charles!

And I'm positive those items are from the Gary Cypres collection. Click the above link to see more pictures from Charles.