Tuesday, March 15, 2011

I made a donation. Did you?

I arrived at Dodger Stadium earlier this afternoon to donate money for the Japan Tsunami relief cause. The event was held at parking lot 1. Driving in I was greeted by the Red Cross. I gave them my donation and was given two Reserve tickets for the March 28 Spring Training game against the Anaheim Angels.

Former Dodger Al Ferrara was in hand and greeted everyone. He thanked me for coming and gave me an autographed postcard.

Video -

Pictures -

Entering Dodger Stadium

Al Ferrara introducing himself. "My name is The Bull and I use to play with the Dodgers"

And I cut him off and told him nicely that I know who he is and I've met him before. Nice guy. 


The Red Cross, KABC 790, NBC Ch.4 and other media outlets were in hand.


I was only at the park for about 10 minutes but I counted 20 cars that passed through to donate. It looks like it was going to be a very successful day. 

If you get a chance, come on out! You have till 7pm to arrive and donate. Remember, donate $20 and you get a pair of tickets.