Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Hey Jerry, can you sign this?

Jerry Sands

A really cool thing about Spring Training is to catch the top prospects. While most fans are seeking autographs from Andre Ethier and Clayton Kershaw, I'm looking for the next great Dodger.

Hanging around Camelback Ranch last Sunday morning was fun. We were not allowed to go inside until 10am instead of 9am because of the rain. Luckily we didn't miss much.

My mission was to get a particular baseball card signed. It's a Bowman Chrome card of Dodgers top prospect Jerry Sands.

I noticed a player walking towards me. I see no fans running after him so I'm assuming it's a unknown rookie.

Unknown rookie!? No! It's Jerry Sands!

"Hey Jerry, can you sign this?"


I think he was shocked that someone recognized him.

Thanks Jerry! I'll post more pictures from Sunday morning.

I was planning on going this weekend again but a family situation came up so I cannot make the drive.

Have fun if you go!