Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Goal has been reached. S.F. Giants Banner to fly over Dodger Stadium

I wrote a post at the end of January that a group of Giants fans were trying to raise $8,000 dollars to hire a plane to fly over Dodger Stadium with a huge banner that will read "Giants 2010 Champs: Beat L.A." on Opening Day next week. {linked here}

Apparently, they have raised the 8K. E-mail from "The Say Hey Kid" -

Hi Roberto, let your beloved readers that we have reached our goal of 8K and have made the payment towards the plane company. The beautiful banner has been manufactured. "Giants 2010 Champs: BEAT LA" banner will be flying over your ugly and infested stadium on Opening Day. Have a nice day.

"The Say Hey Kid"

I'm honored! Willie Mays wrote to me! :)

I checked with the groups site to see if they reached the 8K. It's true. They have reached their goal and everything is set up for the big day.  {linked here}

Will my little slingshot work to take it down? :)

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Ben G said...

on one hand. good. Maybe this will stoke the fire under the ass of the Dodgers not to let them win again.

on the other hand. I feel bad for any Giant fan at Dodger stadium. I'm kinda scared of how ugly it could get. Kinda hard to ask people to treaet opposing fans with respect when they're doing this.