Thursday, March 3, 2011

February 27 Recap - Camelback Ranch, Bat Boy Jason, Lasorda, Autographs

I've been wanting to post these pictures since Monday. Sorry for the delay. But family comes first.

Last Sunday was great and totally different than Saturday. We arrived early but noticed the gates were closed due to the wet fields. They opened Camelback Ranch at 10am.

This belongs to Vicente Padilla -I think the cross in the mirror is worth more than the Lambo! No joke.


This belongs to Ted Lilly - Crazy.


Gates closed -


2011 World Series Champions! Yeah yeah yeah!


Beautiful day -


Clayton Kershaw signed for about 15 minutes.

Chad Billingsley also signed.


Hey! That's Nacho!

If Tommy Lasorda feels good, he will do this! Sign autographs for the fans by the gate. The Dodgers will set up a table so Lasorda can sit and feel comfortable. The fans will start a line and everyone is happy.


Lasorda yelled at this Angel fan "You're not going to heaven!"
Okay this is where it gets very interesting. We were selected to be bat boys for the Dodgers. My friend said yes. I said no. I announced it on Twitter and everyone is calling me an idiot.

I just felt weird doing it. I've been blessed in doing so many things with the Dodgers that I just felt it would be better for a kid to do it. So my friend, Jason gets to be the Dodgers bat boy and a 14 year old kid was selected to be the bat boy for the visitors dugout.

I'll write a separate post about this with a bunch of pictures. I think Jason is going to write his story and the behind the scenes. Well maybe he won't share everything! I'm sure the Tommy Lasorda tales are Rated R. :)

But he had fun and I was happy for him. And luckily I was able to sit behind a couple of fans that I know. (Thanks Lorena)

We bought two tickets for this game the day before. Since Jason was the bat boy, he did not need the ticket. I thought it would be a good idea to just give it away to a fan who was in line at the ticket office.

Bad idea! I will never do this again. People look at you as if you're some crazy guy when you offer them a FREE ticket. I tried this with four different fans.

Do I really look like a unfriendly stranger? I guess so. I just kept the ticket and walked in.

And I see this....


It would get cloudy then sunny then cloudy....


Meet the bat boy, Jason.


Action -

The bat boy asking the Umpire if he can speak to Andre Ethier for a moment.


A moment of silence for Duke Snider.


Game over. All the credit goes to the bat boy.


Fist pumps for the bat boy!


And that was the situation for Sunday! :)

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