Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Ethier & Kershaw - Pocket Schedules

More pocket schedules...

E-mail from Ryan -

Hi Roberto

Just read your post about the new pocket schedules, and wanted to show you another one that the Dodgers are giving out. I've attached the picture from the one I picked up at the clubhouse store at city walk yesterday. I hadn't seen the Mattingly version yet. Keep up the great work with the blog.



And another one.

E-mail from Simon -

Here you go Roberto you're not I have Donny, Ethier and just got Kershaw. I've been collecting pocket shedules for a while now, and I also collect anything 50th Anniversary. Here is a pic of my 2008 Schedules one signed by Matt and by the way I have the Old parking stubbs too... so see, there is a little "Nerd" in every Dodger fan :) 

Thanks Ryan and Simon!

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