Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Charlie Sheen, Don't Stop Believin' Guy and Who's throwing the first pitch?

I hate gossip. I really do. But this info has been relayed to me. Might as well share it with you.

Charlie Sheen paid for a suite for tomorrow's Opening Day. I guess he will be rooting for the Giants?

Don't be surprised if you don't see him on the Diamond Vision though. (Don't ask me why) But if you're at home watching ESPN, then you might see him.

Expect to see Jameson Moss performing 'Don't Stop Believin' during the 8th inning.

Who's throwing the first pitch? I don't know. Someone did say "Has to do with the day Fernandomania was born"

Huh? Mike Brito? For sure it's not Sofia Vergara.

UPDATE - FERNANDO VALENZUELA to throw out the first pitch. According to Dylan Hernandez of the Times. {linked here}

I have another note but I won't post it because I can't believe it. Let me see this in person when I visit Dodger Stadium and I will let you know.

If I get anything else, I'll be posting.

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