Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Andre Ethier "This could be my final season with Dodgers"

Andre Ethier hinted that this could be his last season with the Dodgers. He made comments last night to the Associated Press and before tonight's game, Tony Jackson asked him about those comments.

From ESPN L.A. {linked here}

Andre on Tuesday stood behind comments he made to The Associated Press after Monday night's exhibition game in which he said this could be his final season with the club because, "a lot of signs are pointing that way."

Ethier is entering the final season of a two-year, $15.25 million contract that will pay him $9.25 million this year, and if he has even a decent season in 2011, he will receive a significant raise in 2012. But he won't be eligible for free agency until after 2012 because he won't have six years of big league service time at the end of this season. However, teams can choose to non-tender their arbitration-eligible players, making them free agents.

The Dodgers went that route with former All-Star catcher Russell Martin over the winter, and Ethier hinted that a similar fate could be in store for him.

"My salary is increasing each year," Ethier said. "I would say the likeliness of me being here beyond this year, it's not just my decision. ... I have been kind of lucky to be in one spot in baseball for as long as I have been, for six years now. That is a long time to be in one city playing for one team. There is no inclination now other than to go out and play this year and see what we've got.

"If I don't play well, we have seen them non-tender guys here. If you do play well, sometimes they don't offer those guys arbitration because their salaries are too high."

I think Ethier is getting too worried. Plus he's not even a free agent after this season. I don't see the Dodgers doing the same thing they did to Russell Martin.

Martin has been going through some injuries and his salary was getting higher. It was a good decision to non-tender him a contract. What makes Ethier think they will do the same to him?

I think it's funny that Ethier feels this way. He shouldn't be worried. I thought the timing was bad too. Two days before Opening Day?

Not to be rude Andre but worry about hitting against those lefties....