Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Amazing Trip From KABC - L.A. to Camelback

Last week I posted a message from KABC. {linked here} They had a contest at Dodger Stadium where fans can win a trip to Camelback Ranch.

Andy won and gives us the story behind the trip!

E-mail from Andy:

Hi Roberto, I'm Andy Pei, one of the winners of the KABC contest that took fans to Arizona on Saturday straight from the ticket sale at Dodger Stadium. I wanted to share the experience with you in case you wanted to post it for your site, and I've also attached a few pictures.

We left around noon on Saturday straight from Dodger Stadium to Phoenix where we were staying the night. There were about 25 of us including KABC staff, and we traveled in style as they split us up between a luxury bus and a hummer limo stocked with drinks, snacks, and bottles of champagne! We got into Phoenix around 9PM local time and had the night free to do whatever we wanted. The next morning we arrived at Camelback Ranch around 11:30 for the Kingsford Match Light Charcoal tailgate party. It was great running into you and your friend Jason on the way in, I'm sure it was a thrill for him to be a bat boy for the game!

Before reaching the gate there was a crowd that gathered, and it was none other than Tommy Lasorda signing autographs! The others went on to the tailgate party but I got in line and had my baseball ready for him to sign. When I reached the front of the line, he told me to let the little girl behind me go first, and after a few more kids went I got my turn. I gave him the ball to sign and told him that I was born in '81 and moved to the U.S. in '88, special years for both us. Tommy asked me where I was born and I said Canada, and he asked me where in Canada and I said Vancouver. Then he said, "You like it better here in the United States don't you?" and I said "Absolutely, yes I do!" That's classic Tommy for you right there, all-American!

I then caught up with everyone for the tailgate party on the Legends Deck, located above the seats on the first base side. It was a great spread with hot dogs, chips, potato salad, drinks, and cookies. We watched the game from there, but my friend Sam and I took some time to walk around the park and take in some of the views. Right after the game we loaded up on the bus and limo and headed back for LA. Halfway through the trip back one of the inner tires on the bus blew out so we stopped to try and get it fixed but were unsuccessful. So we just kept going with the burnt out tire but at a slower speed, and combining that with a couple of freeway closures made our drive home over 10 hours long as we arrived back at Dodger Stadium at 1:45AM!

But all in all it was a great trip, and I can't say enough about the great staff at KABC and how they took care of us throughout the weekend. A big thanks goes out to Mike Olson and his promotions team of Cathal, Erez, and Manny, plus account executive Daryl for making everything possible. It was a great way to experience Spring Training for the first time and I'm sure it won't be the last.

That's my account of the trip. It was great meeting you on Sunday, keep up the great work on the blog!

Andy Pei 

What a great recap Andy! Thanks. And it was nice meeting you too and the KABC staff. They were very nice. :)