Friday, February 4, 2011

Who's going to the Movies?

Who's going to the Movies tonight? Or this weekend?

I heard Derek Jeter's girlfriend, Minka Kelly on KROQ this morning. She has a movie out today titled "The Roommate".

Not interested. Sorry Minka. Maybe when it's out in Redbox. I'm just not into corny scary movies.

I have only gone to the movies twice this year. "The Dilemma" and "No Strings Attached". I just rather see movies at home. We're quite addicted to Redbox. Especially during the Holidays, I think we saw +20 movies.

I regret seeing "The Dilemma". It was too long. It had it's funny moments but it just dragged on and on. The movie was set in Chicago and they had a funny scene at a Blackhawks game. But it would have been way funnier if they had done it at a Cubs game in Wrigley Field.

"No Strings Attached" was funny. I did enjoy the movie. I did not want to see this movie at all but my wife wanted to go and it was great. Natalie Portman is in it, you can't lose. I have yet to see her other movie, "The Black Swan". I heard it's great.

Anything else is good? I'll leave you with the scene from one of the funniest movies of 2010, "The Other Guys". Derek Jeter....Shot!