Thursday, February 10, 2011

Truck Day! 18-Wheeler Headed To Camelback Ranch

Dodgers equipment heading to Camelback Ranch -

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It was Truck Day at Dodger Stadium. An 18 wheeler has left Dodger Stadium filled with baseball equipment heading east to Camelback Ranch. Pitchers and Catchers report next week which means Spring Training is around the corner!

The truck left at 12pm. James Hall, 75, of Nashville, Tennessee, has been taking the Dodgers equipment out of Dodger Stadium for the last 29 years. He's been a Dodger fan since the Brooklyn days. Hall mentions that his favorite Dodger of all time is Bill Russell and his favorite Brooklyn Dodger is Duke Snider.

This is James Hall, who does not look like 75. He's excited in taking all this equipment to Camelback Ranch. 


The 18 Wheeler -


So what's inside?


Apparently the truck is full of Andre Ethier fleece blankets!

Just kidding, Dodgers equipment manager Mitch Poole has the details. -


Hats, Jerseys, 20 cases of Bats, 72 cases of balls, travel bags, training equipment, treadmills, 3 pallets of water, name plates of the lockers, computers, printers, St. Patrick's Hats, Practice Hats, Shoe cleaning supplies, 120 Helmets and much more!

Oh and Ned Colletti's luggage.


Video -

Video -

And a couple of more bags...


Mitch Poole is happy that everything is inside.


James Hall is ready to hit the road. Hall says he will make it in 6 hours and has never had an accident while taking the Dodgers equipment to spring camp. He did mention that he misses Vero Beach because it was more miles and "more money".


Have a safe trip James!

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Thanks to the Dodgers for the invite.