Saturday, February 5, 2011

SABR & Rod Gaspar

Rod Gaspar @ SABR Day in Irvine last week.

Rod Gaspar

I had a nice time last week in Irvine. It was SABR Day. {linked here}

I wrote a short post about SABR and what SABR means. Check it out if you haven't. {linked here}

Gaspar is a great speaker. He spoke about an hour of his Baseball career. He's mostly proud of being part of the 1969 New York Mets. The Amazing Mets won the World Series. That team was led by former Dodger great, Gil Hodges.

Gaspar gave Hodges most of the credit for winning it all and that he was a great manager. He also feels it's a shame that he's not in the Hall of Fame.

He also spoke about Nolan Ryan, who was a member of that '69 team. Ryan was already doing weightlifting. Something that was not that common back in the day. Gaspar feels that Ryan's working regime is what made him so good and effective until his 40's. One funny note is when Gaspar mentioned that the Cowboy (Ryan) was not a fan of New York and to this day, he rarely comes to NY for '69 Mets Reunion events.

Earlier part of the event, SABR talked about Baseball History Podcast. {linked here}

It's a podcast formed by Bob Wright. He also made it to the event and spoke about his podcast and how everything works. Check it out. He has some great podcasts on older players.

During lunch, I asked Gaspar if he could sign a ball. He was nice enough to sign it and talk for a few minutes. A very nice man.

Autograph - Rod Gaspar

Thanks to Gaspar and SABR for this event.

SABR will be holding their annual convention this Summer and it will be held in Southern California. Membership is $45 to $65 depending on your age.