Monday, February 7, 2011

Received Confirmation E-mail From Dodgers. (L.A. River Clean-Up)

I registered at last week to clean the Los Angeles River with the Dodgers and I just received a confirmation e-mail.

We recommend that every participant leave all valuables at home and dress appropriately for this event: clothes to get dirty in, sturdy shoes with rubber soles. All participants must exercise caution while the clean-up is going on since the banks of the river can be slippery. Also, while general cleaning supplies will be handed out (plastic gloves and trash bags) it is, also, highly recommend that every participant bring the following: 
   • Garden/Work Gloves
 • Safety Glasses
 • Sunscreen
 • Hand Tools for Prying Trash from Vegetation (optional)
 • Extendable Grabber Arm Tool (optional)

I don't have "sturdy shoes with rubber soles". As a matter of fact, I don't have many shoes. As of now, I only have two pairs of shoes. The problem is that they are new. I might have to look for old shoes in the garage.

I love shoes but I don't buy any. My wife in the other hand has about 40 pairs of shoes in her closet!

That's not funny.

Also, I don't have work gloves. I don't  have safety glasses. I don't have any type of hand tools. And I'm positive I've never seen a "extendable grabber arm tool".

I'm in trouble, huh?

You can tell I'm not a "construction" type person. :)

If you're going, look for me!