Sunday, February 27, 2011

Recap - Dodgers vs Angels @ Tempe (Pictures)

My previous post - My morning @ Camelback Ranch {linked here}

I've never been to Diablo Stadium before.


Wrong park dude....


Diablo Stadium - I liked the park. It has great sights but something was missing. I didn't feel anything in the air. Zero electricity.


I'm telling you, Davey Lopes is going to do some great things with the Dodgers. Matt Kemp looked different on the field. He gets on first base and right away you can see Lopes working that Stop-Watch. Kemp makes eye contact with Lopes and boom! He runs towards second and steals it.

It was awesome! He hustled for a run too. I just hope Kemp can put everything together and have a monster season.

Picture of Lopes & Kemp working....


Polo of "Dodgers on Demand". I swear, I'm not following this dude. He just goes where I go!


Had a nice lunch.


Around the 7th inning we were going back to our seats when I noticed that Matt Kemp is just walking around! He looks lost. Unfortunately I'm not able to upload the videos from Arizona. Not sure why. I'll do that when I get back home. The Dodgers lost but for me it's just about having fun and experience a new park. Plus it was a joy seeing Kemp and Lopes.

Heading to Camelback Ranch for the Dodgers/Angels game. Hopefully it doesn't rain!