Monday, February 7, 2011

Q & A Throwback Uniforms

As you already know, the Los Angeles Dodgers will wear throwback uniforms for six games this season. {linked here}

Voting started this morning to which throwback uniform the Dodgers will be wearing. Vote now! {linked here}

You have three options.

1911 Road Uniform
One hundred years ago, fine narrow pinstripes accentuated the uniform  pants and the gray shirts, which featured a "cadet" collar and the  BROOKLYN name displayed vertically in small capital letters down the  button panel. Known as the "Superbas," the Brooklyn team played its  second-to-last season in 1911 at Washington Park.

1931 Road Uniform
Among the many uniform designs of the 1930s, the 1931 Road Uniform  was the only variety to sport a block capital "B" on the front of the  jersey. The dominant trim color was blue with some accents of red.

1940s Road Alternate Uniform
With the advent of night baseball at Ebbets Field in the 1940s, this  uniform style used a highly reflective satin fabric with the idea it  would be more visible under the lights. The blue-colored uniform  features the trim and DODGERS script in white.

I'm a curious person. I had to ask the following questions to the Dodgers and they were nice enough to answer.

Are the Dodgers seriously using Satin Jerseys if the 3rd option wins? (1940's)

No, the throwback uniforms will be made of the same material as the normal uniforms that they wear every day. They’ll have the look of the throwback uniforms.

What company will be producing these uniforms and are the Dodgers intended to sell these Throwback jerseys at Dodger Stadium?

Majestic, which is the same company that makes all MLB uniforms. We are planning to have merchandise options available of our throwback uniforms.

After each of these games, will the uniforms be auctioned off at

We haven’t determined this yet.

And just to confirm, they will be using "B" hats those days, correct?

Yes, they’ll be wearing the “B” hat that corresponds with the winning throwback uniform.

I was very curious to see if the Dodgers were going to use the Satin jerseys. I guess not.

To give you an idea, this is how a 1940's Satin Dodgers Uniform looks like. This one is a uniform of Leo Durocher in 1944. {linked here}

I was going to vote for this option but if it's not really Satin, then no. It's not that I'm a fan of Satin material, I just wanted to see this in person. It would be funny.

I'm voting for the first option, 1911 Road Uniform. I like that look. I don't mind the pinstripes at all.

Meet Bill Schardt. 1911 Dodgers Uni. {linked here}

One more.... Zach Wheat, 1911. {linked here}

Here's a 1931 version. Dolf Luque. {linked here}

Don't forget to vote! Voting ends February 17.