Monday, February 28, 2011

Fan Pix: Vin Scully @ Wine Festival

E-mail from Ernest:

Hey Roberto,
I thought you might like to see some pictures that i took from the Beverly Hills Wine Festival on Feb 27, 2011. Vin Scully showed up around 3:30pm and was talking to the Mayor of Beverly Hills before he went on stage to receive his awards. He was very polite to everybody as always and very humble. These are the pictures i took when he showed up. He said he was sick so he did not want to shake hands and he did not want to take pictures with anyone or give autographs. Everybody respected his wishes. He was there for about 15 minutes, he was in and outta there quickly. It was a good event. I got there around 1:30pm and waited for Vinny. After he left i also left around 4:00pm even though the event lasted until 6:00pm.

Thanks for those pictures Ernest!