Saturday, February 19, 2011

Fan Pix: Mark Langill @ Pasadena Library (From Enrique)

Here's another report! The first one was posted earlier. {linked here}

This one is from Enrique -


I want to start off by saying thank you. Your Blog is not only interesting but also informative. Once again Thank You, keep up the great work.

On Thursday Feb. 17, 2011: Mark Langill to speak at South Pasadena Public Library, read your column ( or something to that effect.)

Along with Dee Audette and Ernest J. Celaya, we went to Pasadena to see what a Team Historian was all about and to figure out how one becomes a Dodger Historian. Well to our surprise at 6pm when we arrived there was only 1 person there. Between 6pm and 630pm people showed up.

 Linda Eav found her way to the library. I spoke to her briefly about her run in with Matt Kemp at Heal the Bay. At 630pm they opened the doors and we filed in, about 20 people walked in. They issued everyone a Dodgers Magazine, October issue with Don Mattingly on the cover. They advised us to keep our magazine because in the back there was a number (my was #6). Slowly the room filled, (95 attendees)-- Finally Mark came out and began his lecture. He started out by mentioning that a classmate had given him a book at the library book sale and she told him " I found a book that I think you would love" it was a 1960 Dodgers hard cover book. He went on to say that his baseball skills were non and void. he couldn't hit a ball if his life depended on it. He also said that he often received compliments such as, "Thanks to you we won the game" but that was spoken to him by the other team. Haha. He told a funny story about when he was in school in the year 1972. He wanted so badly to see or atleast hear the game (No radio coverage that day).Where Bucky Dent hit his famous home run over the Green Monster at Fenway Park. He faked being sick and was sent home. Pretty savvy. He ran home and got there in time to watch he game. He was all set when one thing came to mind, what was he going to eat? Little did he know that his mother knowing how much he loved baseball had left him a lunch in the fridge. Smart Mom. He spoke of Vin Scully and his boyhood friend Larry Miggins. He told the story about how as kids they would  jokingly talk about how one day Vin would be the announcer and Larry would be the Major League Baseball Player and how great it would be if when Miggins hit a homerun that Scully would be behind the mic calling the game. Well in 1952 while Vinny was only announcing 2 innings, ( the 3rd and the 7th) their childhood dream came true. Vinny working the 7th inning when his boyhood friend came to bat. Larry knocked a ball into the stands at Ebbets Field. He said Vinny could not finish calling that inning . Well to suffice the evening went by to fast. Not only did this no talent baseball playing little leaguer not give up on his love for baseball, he became the Dodgers Historian. WOW!!!
                                                    Enrique Esqueda
P.S. Mark Langill is not only a professional with tremendous knowledge about the great game of baseball but he is also polite. He also didn't forget to pay respects to the people in his life that made everything possible including his kindergarten teacher, his little league coach and especially his mother. He also took the time for a Q&A session and handed out prizes to those who had the numbers called out , remember those numbers behind the programs. And the last question of the night . Who knows when was the last time team from the North that followed the Dodgers to the west coast won the World Series. Well I won that prize.
 ( The Ball is the prize I won)

It's as if I was at the event. Thanks Enrique! Glad you won some prizes too! :)