Thursday, February 10, 2011

Dodgertown Links - Loney, Mattingly, Steiner, Ebbets Field

News around the web!

Just got word that James Loney has arrived in Camelback Ranch. Which is weird since he's coming to Los Angeles this Monday for Dodgers Caravan.

  • Rob Reiner and Charlie Steiner in studio with Robert Wuhl. {YouTube}
  • Dodgers, James Loney set hearing date. {ESPN L.A.
  • A nice article on Maury Wills and his Golf game. {Yahoo!}
  • Untested Mattingly faces a big challenge. {ESPN L.A.
  • I have to agree with Jon Weisman. No one is trying to make amends over these throwback jerseys. {Dodger Thoughts}
  • Truck Day at Dodger Stadium signals Spring Training is near. {}
  • I was at Dodger Stadium earlier today for "Truck Day" too. Check it if you missed it. {linked here}
  • And a reminder! Get your ticket raffle for a chance to win a great 1955 Dodgers memorabilia! {linked here}