Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Dodgers @ Santa Monica Beach (Pictures & Videos)

I left my house and I noticed it was raining a bit. I was scared that the Beach event was going to be a mess. Luckily it did not rain that much once the event started.

Did you know it can take you up to an hour to drive from Downtown L.A. to Santa Monica beach? How crazy is that?

No sun but it was still a great day.



Matt Kemp made a comment about these birds....


Heal the Bay. Great staff. We thought the beach was going to be full of trash. Guess what? Most of the beach was clean. I heard that the beach was already cleaned earlier! So I guess we got lucky. Not much to pick up.


Our leader. She said to not be afraid of the sharks. They are friendly. According to her, the ones in Malibu are more dangerous.




Dodgers arrive -


Tony Gwynn Jr, Sweet Lou Johnson, Matt Kemp, Rafael Furcal and Fernando Valenzuela



Kemp -


Jay Gibbons says he's ready for the year and is happy to be with the Dodgers!


Gabe Kapler - WWE Wrestler or Major League Player!?


Tony Gwynn Jr says his dad is doing great after getting treatments for Cancer. Is ready to fight for playing time.


Video - Rafael Furcal

Video - Tony Gwynn Jr

Santa Monica Beach -

It was great seeing Shawn Green. He says to look out for a book tour this June.


Matt Kemp was the most popular among fans.


The cute kid with the Venice Beach sweater had a great time with Kemp -


I'm serious, he had a great time. Watch -

Videos -

"If a bird &^^%#@! on your head it's good luck"

Video - Furcal & Kemp

Kemp had a great time with the fans.


Kemp "Stop writing about Rihanna" LOL

Just like 3 years ago, he told me "40/40"


I have to post a picture of my buddy Jason -


Video - Before you watch this, let me just say that super Dodger fan Linda (That's her nickname, super Dodger fan) is not hurt by this incident. In fact, after her encounter with Matt Kemp, she asked me "Did you record it". Of course I did. She said to post it. No problem at all. Linda has a sense of humor and laughed about it.

Linda approached Kemp....(At the end of the Video)

It's okay friend! It's just that you go to all these events that everybody knows you already! You see, even Kemp knows you have 1000 autographs!

Fernando Valenzuela!


Rafael Furcal -


Thanks to the Dodgers and Heal the Bay for this event. And thanks to everyone for the handshakes and nice comments! Glad you're enjoying this site.