Monday, February 14, 2011

Dodgers @ L.A. River (Part 2 - Andre Ethier Pictures & Videos)

I posted part 1 earlier today. {linked here}

This is part 2!


As I mentioned in the earlier post, we all had a great time. Well I did and my other friends seemed to have a good time too.

Here's a video of Don Mattingly chatting with the fans.

Andre Ethier did arrive. I heard two different stories. He arrived late from the airport and the other story was that the driver couldn't find the river. :)

Andre Ethier

Videos -

Ethier chatting with the fans -

Ethier picking up trash -

You got to hear Alan asking me "Where's your trash bag!?" Incredible. :)

Joking with Ethier about his shoes -

Last one -

Good times! Had a great time with all the fans. I'll have more stuff tomorrow. I was also able to make it to their Middle School stop in L.A. So look for that tomorrow!

Thanks for reading. :)