Wednesday, February 9, 2011

1955 Brooklyn Dodgers Memorabilia! Get your raffle ticket now!

I spent the afternoon at AJ's BBQ Pit in East Los Angeles thanks to an invite from Jessica Rosales of "Dodgers on Demand". Before I write my story, I'd like to mention how nice of a person Jessica is. Genuinely sweet person. Her and Polo Ascenscio are good people. Plus they read my blog!

So why did we end up at AJ's BBQ Pit? Jim and Tony are about to raffle away the biggest 1955 Brooklyn Dodgers memorabilia you will ever see! Not exaggerating. This is some incredible stuff. Jim and Tony have been affected personally from Cancer. They have relatives who have passed away or have beaten the deadly disease.

To honor these people, they are about to give away an incredible piece of memorabilia. This is how it's going to work.

Raffle tickets are $5. Or you can purchase 3 raffle tickets for $10. The winner will be announced on April 9th. You do not have to be present for the drawing but you are more than welcome to show up on April 9th. Proceeds will go to City of Hope Cancer Research Center.

The winner will get everything!

Here's a short video of the 1955 Topps Baseball cards of the Brooklyn Dodgers. -

Nice, huh?

The notice from AJ's BBQ Pit. -

I am raffling off some my Brooklyn Dodgers Memorabilia. Cancer has directly affected the life of my family and many of those close to me. I would like to raise money for City of Hope Cancer Research Center. If this goes well, other items will be placed on the block for a good cause. Please ask questions! 

The items for raffle are....

The 1955 Brooklyn Dodgers starting lineup baseball cards. Including as a bonus Sandy Koufax Rookie card PSA #4. A 1955 Brooklyn Dodgers Pennant signed by Pee Wee Reese and World Series MVP Johnny Podres. Pennant is accompanied by 2 Certificates of Authencity. 

Cards - 

1955 Roy Campanella (Bowman)
1955 Gil Hodges (Topps)
1955 Jim Gilliam (Topps)
1955 Pee Wee Reese (Bowman)
1955 Jackie Robinson (Topps)
1955 Sandy Amoros (Topps) Rookie Card
1955 Duke Snider (Topps)
1955 Carl Furillo (Bowman)
1955 World Series MVP Johnny Podres (Topps)
** Bonus - 1955 Sandy Koufax Rookie Card. PSA Grade 4. 

All items are in 1 frame and winner takes all. Drawing of this raffle will on April 9th. 
1 Ticket for $5.00 or 3 tickets for $10.00

AJ's BBQ Pitt 
3691 E. 3rd St. 
East Los Angeles, Ca
(323) 263-7427

Thank you and good luck!

Great stuff! Here's pictures that I shot. Some show too much light so you're going to have to go in person to see these cards for yourself! But this is the real thing! 1955 Topps and Bowman!

Oh wait...

Before I show you the cards, this is AJ's BBQ Pitt.


Inside -


The cards!

Jim Gilliam -

Jackie Robinson - 

Duke Snider -

Carl Furillo -

Gil Hodges -

Sandy Amoros -

Pee Wee Reese -

Johnny Podres -

Roy Campanella -

Sandy Koufax -

The Pennant -

More pictures from the inside -

Pictures of those that passed away due to Cancer.

And here's Jessica interviewing the owner of this great collection, Tony.

Sorry, I can't give you a Food review. I had to leave early. But I did get 1 raffle ticket. Which I regret. I should have bought the 3 tickets for $10. I will have to go back and get more tickets and try out the food! Everything looked good though. :)

So stop by at AJ's BBQ Pitt and get a raffle ticket! It would be really cool if one my readers wins it! Just imagine! :)

Post this link to your Facebook and Twitter. The more people know, the more money they can raise for City of Hope!

AJ's BBQ Pitt Links -

Official Site - {linked here}
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Facebook - {linked here}

Thanks to Jim and Tony for their time. Great guys! And huge thanks to Jessica for giving the opportunity to tag along!