Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Media @ Winter Workout

A beautiful day at Dodger Stadium. The media had the opportunity to show up at the park and view the winter workout. Dodgers manager Don Mattingly and several of his coaches were in hand to check out the top prospects.

Photos that I shot earlier today -

Winter workout? More like Spring Training. 


Dodgers assistant GM and director of player development DeJon Waton watching his "kids".


It's great seeing Dodger legends like Maury Wills teaching the kids. He's really into it and it shows that he has a great amount of passion for this game.


3rd Basemen prospect Pedro Baez. He's a big guy. Baez spent some time on fielding grounders. Dee Gordon at short stop.


Shawn Green! Hopefully he's back with the organization in some capacity.


Don Mattingly. He spoke at length about what he expects from the big league team. Mattingly wants a tougher team. Wants a team that plays hard all the time. "It's an obligation to play hard for the fans". Mattingly went on to say that you have to practice to be perfect.

As far as the team, he expects different players to start Left Field. He mentioned Jay Gibbons, Tony Gwynn and Casey Blake.

Mattingly is not worried about playing Blake in left field. He did speak to Blake about this situation and he is willing to play left field.


There was a funny moment when a reporter asked Mattingly "Are you guys going to be any good this year?" and Mattingly replied, "Yeah we're going to be good!". The media laughed.

Mattingly has spoken to Jonathan Broxton. Says he's doing good and has no concerns over the closer.

One interesting note from Mattingly's press conference was when he was asked about the catchers position. Will it be a platoon situation with Rod Barajas and Dioner Navarro? And he simply said he will take it game by game but if the season started today, Barajas would be the starter.

The skipper has also spoken to Matt Kemp. Says he's doing good and has been working out. Expects Kemp to have a big year.

Here's a video of Mattingly talking about what he expects. Is not concerned that the Dodgers didn't really bring a big bat. Is more concerned about the current players having big years. Is expecting big performances from Andre Ethier, James Loney and Kemp. 

Watch -

I'll have more videos on a different post.

More pictures and notes -

Meet the new Dodgers bench coach, Trey Hillman


Tommy Lasorda teaching Pedro Baez how to hit a curve ball -


Shawn Green speaking with Kyle Russell


Hillman and Mark Sweeney


Davey Lopes!


Davey Lopes is an honest man. He tells it like it is.

When asked about Kemp and what to expect from him this season he answered "I don't put numbers on people". Pressed with another question about Kemp, he said "I don't know. I know he regressed last year so we have to figure out why?"

"This game is about making adjustments. Successful guys in this game will have an off year".

Lopes continued, "I will speak to him (Kemp)".


I'm impressed with Lopes. I think he's going to help this team in different ways. This is a guy that's not interested in being a manager. He just wants to the 1st base coach and teach the players what he knows.

I shot videos of Lopes and a couple of batting practice sessions with the young kids. I also have more videos of Mattingly. Look for it later!

Thanks to the Dodgers for the invite.