Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Matt Kemp @ Winter Workouts

UPDATE - Apparently, Kemp was in street clothes at the work out. 

Maury Wills teaching the kids how it's done. Several coaches like Wills are at Dodger Stadium teaching the top prospects the fundamentals.

Matt Kemp working out at Dodger Stadium? That seems to be the case. Tweet from the Dodgers. {linked here}

Don Mattingly and Matt Kemp in the house for winter workout today.

I guess that will make all those fans that say Kemp should be working out and be on a batting cage on a regular basis happy.

As I mentioned before, the winter workout is for 15 prospects that were invited by the Dodgers. {linked here}

Kemp is not the only veteran at Dodger Stadium. Tony Gwynn JR. and Hong Chih-Kuo (be careful Kuo!) are also at the workout.

Tomorrow is open to the media, which means more updates will be coming our way. 

Jon SooHoo has posted a great album of pictures from yesterdays workout. {linked here}

Pix - Maury Wills by Jon SooHoo