Monday, January 3, 2011

Larry Bowa Can't Find A Job. Blames Matt Kemp

I don't really want to bring this up again. You already know how I feel about Larry Bowa. Wasn't really a fan of his coaching style.

But caught this story. (Thanks Fredy) From Boston Globe {linked here}

Larry Bowa has been in uniform 40 years, but won’t be this year. The former Phillies manager, most recently Joe Torre’s third base coach in both New York and Los Angeles, thought he was going to be Don Mattingly’s bench coach with the Dodgers, but Mattingly opted for Trey Hillman.

“I guess he wanted to go in a different direction,’’ said Bowa, who taught Mattingly so many things about managing.

How did Mattingly explain his change of heart?

“He didn’t, really,’’ Bowa said.

Bowa is a longtime confidant of Torre’s and was Torre’s disciplinarian. But his open criticism of Matt Kemp seemed to do him in.

“If you can’t tell a player that he should be running out ground balls and how to play the game the right way, then why are you coaching?’’ said Bowa. “You can get someone off the street to be their friend. Sometimes you pay a price for being honest.

“He’s a five-tool player, but he’d bring you five tools on Monday and sometimes one tool on Tuesday. This kid can do anything he wants in this game. He’s got tremendous ability. He’s not a bad kid. It just looked like he had other things on his mind.

“I was trying to get him to see what he was doing or not doing. Some people call it ‘old school.’ I just call it playing baseball the right way. I’ve put on the uniform and played the hardest I could for as long as I could. That’s all I ever asked of anyone else.’’

Good luck Larry.

Pix: AP