Thursday, January 27, 2011

GQ "The Coolest Athletes of All Time" - Tim Lincecum!?

GQ Stands for "Look Sharp, Live Smart". 

According to GQ, Tim Lincecum is both.

Something is wrong with GQ.

GQ will be presenting "The Coolest Athletes of All Time".

Yes, of All Time! They picked 9 athletes who they consider to be "cool". Issue hits the stands February.

Muhammad Ali. Björn Borg. Tom Brady. Julius Erving. Michael Jordan. Joe Namath. Arnold Palmer. Kelly Slater.

And Tim Lincecum!? Yes, Lincecum makes the cut. What is it? The hair?

I understand the other guys. Especially Michael Jordan. Check out his GQ pix. I'm surprised Kobe Bryant didn't make the list.

From GQ - {linked here}