Thursday, January 27, 2011

Don Mattingly @ 2011 Dodgers Caravan! *UPDATE*

A few weeks ago I posted the dates for the 2011 Dodgers Caravan. {linked here}

I was hesitant in posting the dates since I didn't think the Dodgers were going to do a Caravan on February 14 and 15 but I still posted the news because I trusted the source. But I cautioned everyone that nothing is confirmed.

You can pretty much say it's confirmed. From Inside The Dodgers (Thanks Josh) {linked here}

He's (Mattingly) a very community-minded person and having spoken with him several times in the past month, he cannot wait to get to Camelback Ranch. He's actually heading to Arizona early to get settled in and will make a trip back to join the annual Dodger Caravan on Feb. 14.
Details on Caravan stops and the incredible lineup of players and former players who will be taking part should be coming out next week, so keep an eye on

Don Mattingly at the Dodgers Caravan! Cool.