Thursday, January 13, 2011

Davey Lopes Knows His Value To The Club

When in baseball history do fans get excited over the signing of a first base coach? Seriously, when? I will say never until Davey Lopes came on board with the Dodgers.

Watching this particular video that I shot of Davey Lopes chatting with reporters might give you a wrong impression. I just took it that he doesn't have the answers right now for Matt Kemp. He needs to work with him.

Watch this video of Lopes talking about Kemp and the life of being a professional player.

This is another great clip. Here, Lopes talks about coaching and his experiences with other managers. He doesn't care that he's not the manager. He seriously just wants to do his job as a first base coach.

"I know my value to the club"

Watch -

I have more videos on Don Mattingly. Look for those later!

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