Tuesday, December 7, 2010

A (Dodgers) Wedding Album: Clayton & Ellen

UPDATE - Video of the Wedding - {linked here}

UPDATE - PART 2 of pictures - {linked here}

I haven't been online that much in the last couple of days. If you have sent me a e-mail, no worries, I will respond soon. It's just been a bit hectic over here. :) And yes, I know the Winter Meetings are under way. But what's there to report? That the Dodgers are not getting Prince Fielder? I'll have a recap tonight.

I did have to post this before I forget....

Susana sent me a tip last night of a wedding picture of Clayton Kershaw and Ellen Melson. {linked here}

Well I just got these pictures. The person wishes to remain anonymous. She did mention the wedding of Clayton Kerhaw was a Texas/Dodgers party.

Thanks anonymous!

Pictures are not in order. From what I can see, besides having an ability to throw 99 MPH, Kershaw can dance!

Congrats Clayton and Ellen!

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