Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Matt Kemp Rockin' New Tattoos

My question is, can those new tattoos give super powers? You know, 40/40? 

From Jun Cha Studios:

Matt Kemp came in last Monday night. 

Kemp came through to begin the reconstruction of his left sleeve.

The foundation for his piece begins with Michael {Archangel)

Out of all the angels that are  developed throughout the bible, the archangel Michael is the one.  Known as the field commander for the army of God, whenever, and whoever threatens the throne, it’s this general who comes to collect.

Unlike most historical depictions of Michael, where he’s usually killing everything in sight, this piece focuses on the moment he sees the evil, and chooses to defend the heavens……there’s always a choice.

Big thanks to Matt for pulling through a long session. Eyes out for final sittings.

Thanks to Jun Cha Studios for the pictures!

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