Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Manny Mota Called Juan Uribe Everyday

Having fun Juanito?

You already know how I feel about this deal. I'm trying to convince myself everything will be okay and Uribe is going to contribute to this team. But I just can't do it. A career OBP of .300!!!!!!!

3 years for $ 21 Million bucks. Yeah it's not my money but this is money that can go somewhere else.

Uribe will be starting 2nd Base next year. I'm sure he can replace Rafael Furcal at SS and Casey Blake at 3B whenever they need a day off.

I'm assuming Uribe goes to 3rd for the 2011 season?

Did you read these reports that the Giants offered the same deal? From Hardball Talk. {linked here}

Uribe explained yesterday that the Dodgers expressing immediate and consistent interest in him following the World Series played a big part in his decision, saying that the courting process “made me very emotional” and “very proud.”

Looks like the Dodgers were very aggressive in getting their man. And sounds like Manny Mota helped. 

Dodgers Vice President of Communications, Josh Rawitch had this to say. {Inside The Dodgers}

He said that Manny Mota pretty much called him every day after the World Series telling him how much the Dodgers wanted to see him in Blue and he said that it was very meaningful to him that the team cared so much about him. Before they took off from the stadium, we armed them with all sorts of hats and Dodger items to bring back to the Dominican and we're certainly looking forward to having him on the team in 2011.

Mota earning his salary.

I wish Uribe the best. I know he's going to show some power but let's just hope he can get on base more often.