Friday, December 10, 2010

A (Dodgers) Wedding Album: Clayton & Ellen -Part 2- Is that LaRoche & McDonald?

Clayton Kershaw and Ellen Melson Wedding pictures.

Another set of photos came in. I posted part 1 last Tuesday. {linked here} These are different than part 1. Most look familiar but I made sure to not post repeats. Also, you can see a video of their dancing skills. {linked here}

The person wishes to remain anonymous but thanks for the pictures!

Now I'm curious, do I see Andy LaRoche (first row to your left), James McDonald (second row to your left) and Brent Leach (second row to your right) on this picture? I might be wrong on LaRoche. I thought he was still in Venezuela playing winter ball but it sure looks like him. 

The rest. Again, these pictures are not in order. I'm just uploading them the way they came in.

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