Friday, December 10, 2010

Couldn't someone helped Drysdale at the '78 NLCS?

Don Drysdale

This is cool. A video of the '78 NLCS Game 4 post-game show was posted on YouTube earlier this week.

It's the 1978 National League Championship Series. The Dodgers beat the Phillies in 4 games to win the N.L. Pennant. Bill Russell with the clutch hit and Ron Cey scores the winning run. By the time Cey touches home plate, Dodger fans await him.

I doubt you can do that now. There is too much security behind the dugouts.

What I find interesting about this video is the post game sow when the great Don Drysdale, who is working for ABC, tries to look for players to interview.

My goodness, where's the ABC producer? Get someone and help out Drysdale! At 1:15, you can hear Drysdale "Hey Tommy".  30 seconds later, he gets Lasorda.

Lasorda goes on for about 40 seconds yelling and then leaves. Drysdale, not knowing what to do, quickly turns around to look for a player to interview. 15 seconds later, he gets Ron Cey.

Drysdale was able to speak with Cey for nearly a minute. After that, another 30 seconds passes. It's just funny to see this. If I saw this live, I would throw my remote control (did they have remote controls back in '78) at the t.v. out of frustration! Couldn't someone from ABC line up players for Drysdale? :)

Ah whatever, it's still cool to see Drysdale working as a reporter.