Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Contest Winner! Ginger (2011 Dodgers Calendar)

I did a contest yesterday morning. I was giving away a 2011 Dodgers Calendar. I said the 27th e-mail was going to win. {linked here}

Winner is Ginger!

hey, roberto,
here i am, with my older son.  the "fan on deck" is a little girl.  :)

Congrats Ginger for winning the calendar and for the babygirl that's "on deck"! :)

By the way, my readers are funny. I get most of the e-mails in the morning. Not much in the afternoon. Then all of a sudden I get a bunch of e-mails after 4pm. I know what you're thinking. You're thinking no one is going to e-mail until later because I asked for the 27th e-mail. Sorry but Ginger sent it in the morning! You got to be quick.

Next time I'll ask for e-mail #99! :)