Thursday, December 2, 2010

Andre Ethier To Play Golf This Weekend

While Clayton Kershaw is getting married this weekend,{linked here} Andre Ethier will be playing golf in the David Ortiz Celebrity Golf Classic at Cap Cana.

That looks awesome. Cap Cana is located in the Eastern region of the Dominican Republic. Golf at the Beach!

Ethier is among many celebrities that will hit the golf course to help Boston Red Sox slugger David Ortiz in his charity. If Ethier is not feeding the homeless {linked here}, he's helping other charities.

The David Ortiz Celebrity Golf Classic is dedicated to raising funds for the David Ortiz Children’s Fund, which provides critical pediatric health care to children in New England and the Dominican Republic. In its first two years, the David Ortiz Celebrity Golf Classic has netted over $500,000 for the Fund and introduced friends, teammates, sponsors and supporters to the charity and its mission. Through the event, David was also able to showcase the beauty of his home country and improve the lives of children in need.

More info on the Ortiz Celebrity Golf Classic {linked here}

NESN Boston caught up with Ethier before flying to the Dominican Republic. {linked here}

Check out their first question. 

1. Is L.A. lifestyle anything like it is on Entourage?

Yeah, kind of. Where I live in L.A. is near a lot of the places where scenes are filmed on the show, but there aren't as many parties, strippers and nice cars as they make L.A. out to have.

What are you talking about Andre? Just ask Matt Kemp...

Where's the drum roll that plays after a joke?

Bad joke? Sorry. :)