Thursday, December 9, 2010

2010 Dodgers Children's Holiday Party (Pictures)

Here's Santa telling Ramon Troncoso to not worry. He will bring a power hitter for the Dodgers.

Santa & Ramon Troncoso

It was a great afternoon at Dodger Stadium.

The Los Angeles Dodgers and Dodgers Dream Foundation welcomed more than 300 kids from the local community at Dodger Stadium earlier this afternoon. It was the annual Children's Holiday Party. 

Dodgers outfielder Jay Gibbons and reliever Ramon Troncoso joined former Dodgers "Sweet" Lou Johnson, Bobby Castillo, Jimmy Campanis, Tommy Davis, Al Downing, Kenny Landreaux, Rudy Law, Derrel Thomas. Billy Ashley, Darren Dreifort and Steve Yeager in giving out gifts to the kids.

Kids were from schools and organizations of the 1-140th Aviation Battalion California Army National Guard, A Chance for Children, the Al Wooten Jr. Heritage Center, Albion Street Elementary School, Arminta Street Elementary School, Castelar Elementary School, Hathaway-Sicamore Child and Family Services, Logan Street Elementary School, Solano Avenue Elementary School (Dodgers Adopt-a-School partner) and Tom Bradley Elementary School.

Even though he has a busy schedule, Santa Clause made a stop at Dodger Stadium to sing along with the kids.

Kids played carnival games with Gibbons and Troncoso along with former Dodgers. Each child received a goodie bag that included a new pair of sneakers provided by A Foundation for Kids. The Dream Foundation also donated a set of books to each school/organization.

The kids also received lunch at the Stadium Club and autographs from current and past Dodgers.

Pictures that I shot....

The kids are getting ready to get inside the Stadium Club -

Santa speaking to the kids -

Jimmy Campanis, Al Downing, Tommy Davis and "Sweet" Lou Johnson


Darren Dreifort


"Sweet" Lou Johnson

Jay Gibbons


Did you know Darren Dreifort has gone through 22 surgeries? I told him "Be careful, don't want to see a 23rd surgery". He didn't like my joke....


Remember Billy Ashley?


The great Jim Hill interviewing Steve Yeager.


Polo! Oh and Ramon Troncoso


Que pasa con el pelo Ramon!?


Ready for Opening Day


Shoes -




Dodgers giving out the gifts.


Good times. It was nice seeing the kids smile. It's great that these players took the time to come and make this kids happy.


And like always, thanks to the friendly staff of the Dodgers for the invite.