Sunday, November 28, 2010

Michael Jordan Rare Baseball Bobblehead

Bobblehead stories from my collection.

1994 Michael Jordan/Birmingham Barons Baseball Bobblehead.

I'm one of those fans that believe Michael Jordan was suspended from Basketball. Instead of having a "Pete Rose Scandal" in the National Basketball Association, commissioner David Stern told him to walk away a couple of years.

So what's Jordan to do? He decided to try out his favorite sport, Baseball. The owner of the Chicago Bulls, Jerry Reinsdorf, also owns the Chicago White Sox so Jordan tried out for the White Sox. He played ball for the Birmingham Barons. The Minor League team is a Double-A affiliate of the White Sox.

Jordan played 127 games for the Barons. He hit .202 with 3 homers and 51 RBI's. Of course, you'd know Jordan would run, as he stole 30 bases. {Baseball-Reference}

You might think those are not impressive stats but let's see you try to hit .202 for a Double-A team! And he did all this as a 31 year old.

That was his only year in the Minor Leagues. You know the rest. Jordan comes back to the NBA and wins more Championships for the Bulls.

Here I have a bobblehead that I obtained a few years ago. It's one of my favorites because it's something unique. You expect to see Jordan in a Basketball uniform.

It's a rare limited edition bobblehead that was produced by SAM in 1994. You might recall, I had a post a few months ago of a Jackie Robinson bobblehead. That Robinson bobblehead was also produced by SAM. {linked here}


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