Monday, November 1, 2010

I should have known the Giants were going to do big things (Part 2 w/ Barry Bonds)

Yeah. I should have known.

I confronted Barry Bonds at Chicken & Waffles.

This is Part 2. Read Part 1 if you haven't. {linked here}

I should have known.

This was a sign.

Remember when Barry Bonds made a visit to Chicken & Waffles during the Dodger Caravan back in February?

I have a theory.

Bonds payed the Chicken & Waffles cookers Benjamins to give them a "have a bad season" poison. Matt Kemp was at this event! He suffered from this Chicken & Waffles lunch! Stop blaming Rihanna! It was Barry Bonds!

Plus remember the words that Bonds told me....

"Giants in 2010 bebeeee"

He did not say "Giants in 2010 baby". He said "Giants in 2010 bebeeee"

Read it! {linked here}