Monday, November 1, 2010

2010 World Series Champions - San Francisco Giants -

Congratulations to the San Francisco Giants as they are the 2010 World Series Champions. They played well at the end. They got hot. What can you say? I'm not a cry baby Dodger fan that can't congratulate the enemy. I do cry like a baby when it comes to think about the Dodger season and how they performed this season. Give me a seven game series against the Giants and I would like to think the Dodgers would win. But it doesn't matter. The Dodgers didn't deserve to go to the playoffs. They didn't play like contenders all season long.

The San Diego Padres were in 1st place in the West for most of the season but the Giants caught fire. They were able to beat the 3 great teams in the Braves, Phillies and now the Rangers in the playoffs.

Congrats Frisco. And this is coming from the biggest Dodger fan you can find.

Okay, I'll go cry now. :(

Pix: AP