Sunday, October 24, 2010

Valenzuela & Tequila


I went to this event at Superior Market in Huntington Park. {linked here}

Once I arrived, employees were telling customers that you have to purchase a Tenampa Azul Tequila in order to meet Fernando Valenzuela and obtain autographs.

They were selling two different bottles. A gold one and silver. I'm no alcohol drinker so I just bought the silver bottle since it looked nicer. :)


The rules were strict. You had to buy a $15.99 Tequila bottle. Had to be 21 years old to purchase it and if you don't buy one, you can't get in line. I did see many minors in line behind me. Not sure if they changed the rules when I left. Hopefully everyone got to meet him.


This lady cashier didn't think I was over 21.

I.D. proved otherwise.


Fernando Bobblehead wants to sip on some Tequila. Maybe during the holidays. Relax a bit Fernando.


Big thanks to Superior Market, Tenampa Tequila and Fernando Valenzuela!