Tuesday, October 12, 2010

The Left Field Pavilion Prices (A Great Demonstration)

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1992 through 2007 - $ 6.00 bucks for season tickets in the Left Field Pavilion
2008 - $ 8
2009 - $ 8
2010 - $ 8
2011 - $ 13 !

I understand that this is a business. But how can you go from $ 8 dollars to $ 13 dollars within a year? You need to increase prices? Fine, do it. But how about increasing it in the Field and Lodge section?

I think a $5 dollar increase is unfair for the fans that sit in the Left Field Pavilion.

I do not have season tickets in the LFP, so don't think I'm crying because it's going to hurt me. I'm writing this because I know a lot of fans that sit here every single game. Four of them already told me they won't be able to renew their season tickets. The price hike is just to much for them.

Not cool....

Oh, apparently, T.J. Simers of the L.A. Times has been contacting LFP season ticket holders. He's looking for reaction from these fans. The story will be published sometime this week!

Pix created by: Ely (Thanks!)

More info on price changes. {linked here}