Saturday, October 30, 2010

Lasorda @ Olive Garden

Took the family out last night. We went to Olive Garden to get some Italian food. Plus I can't get enough of that salad. Extra onions please.

We arrived around 7pm. We were on a 40 minute wait list. The place was packed like any other Friday night. We waited patiently outside.

Noticed a big group coming out. Which means we might get a table soon. They came out and hang around outside. It seemed they were waiting for other family members to come out.

And who comes out? Tommy Lasorda and his entourage. I was surprised since we were in the 909 area.

Lasorda spends a few minutes outside talking to his family and friends. While walking towards a Cadillac, a couple of people approach him for autographs and pictures.

Yeah I know, bad cell phone pix. I Didn't want to bother him.

Looks like Lasorda approves Olive Garden. He was a happy man.