Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Kirk Gibson - 1988 World Series Jersey & Bat

More info on Kirk Gibson's auction. Read the post I wrote earlier today if you haven't. {linked here}

Let's start with this jersey.

Kirk Gibson's 1988 World Series Los Angeles Dodgers Jersey worn to hit historic game winning home run in game one.

Minimum Bid: $50,000.00

Comments from Gibson:

After the game, I took the jersey right then and there. I didn't wash it, I didn't do anything, and if you look at it, of course it's cool, it's got the World Series patch on it and it says '88 Series. If you look (around the neck) there's tar because when I used to hold my bat you hold it on your shoulder and the tar is still there from the bat.

A couple of pictures that I shot -


A closer look at the inscription:


The tar that Gibson was talking about can been seen on this close up picture:


Cool. One last picture that shows the '88 patch plus a description from SCP Auctions.

Jersey features the classic Dodgers script logo on front with his number "23" in red on the left breast and in blue on back. His last name"Gibson" appears on the back in blue lettering. On the right sleeve is the embroidered 1988 World Series patch. Inside the collar is the Rawlings manufacturer's tag showing size "46" with an adjacent strip tag embroidered "88 1 W.S.". A flag tag below the Rawlings tag notes "1 inch extra length". Gibson has inscribed the front in blue sharpie "My WS Jersey Worn 10/15/88 to Hit GW HR Kirk Gibson 23". The shirt exhibits appropriately light wear with the notable trait of a band of pine tar residue appearing across the right shoulder.


Let's go with the Bat now.

Kirk Gibson's Bat used to hit historic game winning home run in game one of 1988 World Series.

Minimum bid: $25,000.00

In my opinion that's odd. Half the price of the jersey. I would rather have the bat. But with auctions, you never know what the final bid will be.

Check out the pictures plus a description from SCP Auctions.

This Worth model number WC137 was the chosen weapon of Kirk Gibson. At 34.5 inches and a weight of 32.1 ounces, it was smaller and lighter than most of the other bats in Gibson's arsenal, but was right for the occasion given Gibson's condition and need for increased bat speed. The bat shows evidence of heavy use, much of which is attributable to the historic at bat. Among the many ball marks and ball stitch impressions visible on the front and left barrel are red ink transfers from the exclusive red labeling of 1988 World Series balls, including one such marking that Gibson himself believes is the final point of contact in the life of this storied bat. Numerous cleat marks are visible on all sides of the barrel including some that are unusually deep. Video footage shows Gibson pounding his spikes with increased intensity as the count deepened during the course of his duel with Dennis Eckersley. A heavy coat of pine tar covers the handle and center brand. Gibson's initials "KG", length "4 'A" and the model number "WC 137" are stamped into the knob. Gibson's number "23" is written on the knob in black marker. A Kirk Gibson signature, his number '23' and the added incription 'My 1988 WS HR Bat' have been added on the right barrel in silver marker.


I'll have more pictures tomorrow plus video.