Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Kirk Gibson - 1988 World Series Helmet & 1988 MVP Award

I will post info and pictures on the batting helmet and the 1988 MVP Award Plaque.

I did two posts yesterday. Quick recap on the event {linked here} and info on the Jersey and Bat. {linked here}

Let's start with the batting helmet.

Kirk Gibson's 1988 World Series Los Angeles Dodgers Batting Helmet worn to hit historic game winning home run in game one.

Minimum bid: $5,000.00

Not as much as the previous items I posted.

Comments from SCP Auctions:

Manufactured by the ABC company, this size medium Dodger blue batting helmet is amongst the most publicly seen pieces of sports equipment. Donned by Kirk Gibson to hit his game winning home run in Game One if the 1988 series, it is readily identifiable in video and still photographs viewed by millions of fans who have recounted the historic event repeatedly over the last twenty plus years. It's battle worn markings, easily distinguishable in that footage; include scuff marks, minor scrapes, and pine tar throughout the bill and top of the helmet. Original decals include the interlocking "LA" logo on front and Gibson's number "23" on the bill and back of the helmet. Likely worn throughout the 1988 regular season for which Gibson earned NL MVP honors, it was labeled with the exclusive 1988 World Series sticker on the back upon being designated for use in the Fall Classic. Gibson has inscribed the front, "1988 WS HR Helmet Kirk Gibson 23" in silver sharpie.

Pictures that I shot:


Next up is the MVP Award Plaque

Kirk Gibson's 1988 National League MVP Award Plaque

Minimum Bid: $20,000.00

Comments from SCP Auctions:

Post-season baseball isn't what the League MVP award is all about. In fact, the annual voting to determing the winner takes place in that window of time spanning the end of the regular season and the World Series. Well before Kirk Gibson earned immortality with his game winning home run that set the tone for the 1988 World Series, he set the tone for the Dodgers season long run to the Championship from the first day of Spring Training that year. The 1987 Dodgers were a soft team, 16 games under .500. They played, they lost, they went home, nobody kicking over the water cooler. When Gibson hit the free-agent market after the season, the Dodgers knew he was just the jolt they needed. The front office signed him, and then turned him loose on the lambs in Dodger blue. Before long the whole team had taken on his toughness. The Dodgers soared to the National League pennant, despite no .300 hitters, no 30-homer men, no 100-RBI producers. The 1988 season was not Gibson's best from a statistics standpoint (.290, 25 home runs, 76 RBI's, 31 stolen bases), but the numbers hardly told the story. This ballplayer's special leadership traits inspired a previously averaged team to act and play like Champions.

Offered here is Kirk Gibson's 1988 National League Most Valuable Player Award plaque. The elegant circular trophy is comprised of a 16" diameter black wooden backing affixed with a metal octagonal plaque and 10k gold accoutrements. Gibson has inscribed the back of the award, "My 1988 National League MVP Kirk Gibson 23" in silver sharpie. A rare and significant offering of Baseball's most prestigious individual award, representing one of the greatest seasons enjoyed by any player in baseball's modern era.

Two shots. Front and back.


I still need to upload videos. Stay tuned.