Thursday, October 7, 2010

Kim Kardashian = Fake Dodger Fan

Oh what? You really thought those celebrities that come to Dodger Stadium are really big Dodger fans? No way! Sorry to break your heart.

Kim Kardashian threw the first pitch at Dodger Stadium last year. I did not go to this game. I remember seeing it on t.v. and they asked her if she watches baseball games. Her reply? "Oh well yeah, I like the Dodgers"

The Dodgers got so excited that they decided to do a billboard in honor of her being a big fan.

This is my town!

From Kim's site {linked here}

Ahh! How cool is my Dodgers billboard? I love it! It’s a little odd to see myself on a billboard, but I’m thrilled to be the new face of the Dodgers and it’s a real honor to represent my home team. Me, Kourt, Khloe and mom all went to a game recently to throw the first pitch and support the team! Have you seen the billboards around town?


This morning, Kim wakes up and tweets "New York STAND UP!" {linked here}

All I have to say is....

Twins better beat the Yankees!